Why change your core?

If you treat core transformation like a standard large project, your chances of success are slim.

Federated banking

Federated technology could offer banks a number of benefits and play a huge role in their internal transformation.

Is core banking easy?

It’s now much more possible for banks to create innovative new products.

Composing the future of banks

Flexibility, agility and innovation are core competencies that will keep banks competitive through the next decade.

What is core banking?

The market for core banking software is not “a winner takes all” opportunity.

Programmable banking

We are fast approaching the time finally being right for programmable banking.

Banking for net-zero homes

Banks can make a significant difference to the planet, to their customers, and ultimately to their bottom line.

Banking on spreadsheets

Banks and fintechs need to step up their game to serve customers better when it comes to money management.

Banking on the metaverse

Having a presence in the metaverse seems inevitable, and the best time to understand the possibilities is now.

Open banking’s failure

The impact of open banking is on the scale of the industrial revolution. It just needs time to fully play out.

Banking for mental health

For traditional banks, there is clearly more that can be done to help those suffering from mental health issues.

Open banking myths

We are still at the start of the journey with open banking and have yet to see its full potential.

Data’s open road…

Has open banking delivered on its promise of driving innovation and competition?