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FinTech Futures is a digital publishing platform for the worldwide fintech community – from the industry veterans to those just entering the space, and everyone in-between!

We provide daily news, in-depth analysis and expert commentary across a comprehensive range of areas:

Our broad readership and solid reputation, combined with in-depth coverage across fintech on a worldwide scale, makes us the leading resource for technology buyers, sellers, developers, integrators and other specialists across the sector.

Our website attracts nearly one million monthly page views and our daily newsletter is delivered to over 35,000 key decision-makers in the financial services and technology sectors. The brand is active across the key B2B social media platforms, with over 47,000 followers on Twitter @FinTech_Futures and over 45,000 members in our LinkedIn groups.

FinTech Futures also incorporates:

The Banking Technology magazine, a print and online publication founded in London in 1983. The magazine, published ten times a year, is a trusted brand for fintech professionals an enjoys a worldwide distribution.

Annual awards show Banking Technology Awards, which recognises the top achievers and innovators within the banking technology community.

Annual awards show PayTech Awards, which celebrates excellence and innovation in the payments industry and the people who make it happen.

Paybefore, a global payments technology publication, offering industry-insider perspectives into the world of prepaid, payments technology, e-commerce and loyalty programmes, as well as emerging payments. Paybefore now forms our PayTech channel. Find out more here.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Fintechfutures.com website
    Global digital platform for the industry.
  • Banking Technology magazine
    Our iconic publication dedicated to all things fintech. Published ten times a year, in print and as a digital edition, with a distribution of 25,000.
  • Daily newsletter
    Top stories and commentary delivered to over 35,000 fintech professionals daily.
  • Weekly bulletin
    Top features and resources delivered to over 35,000 fintech professionals weekly.
  • Industry surveys, white papers and other reports
    Available online and in print, produced in partnership with industry specialists.
  • Webinars
    An excellent online platform to showcase fintech solutions, discuss and debate.
  • Executive interviews and thought-leadership articles
    High quality, in-depth editorial material, available online and in print.
  • Videos
    Knowledge sharing, executive interviews and company promotions via this high-impact digital tool.
  • Daily News at Sibos
    Banking Technology’s sister publication, produced daily for Swift’s annual conference, Sibos. Available in print and online, and distributed daily at Sibos.
  • Media partnerships and supplements
    Providing online and on-the-ground support to industry conferences and trade shows worldwide, including producing dedicated supplements.
  • Banking Technology Awards
    An annual show to laud the excellence in the use of IT in financial services and people who make it happen.
  • PayTech Awards
    Celebrating excellence and innovation in the payments industry and people who make it happen.
  • Dock Digital
    A virtual roundtable experience gathering senior digital transformation decision-makers in banking and finance to develop practical, real-world solutions to shared challenges.
  • What the Fintech? Podcast
    A popular podcast, with guests discussing trending topics and sharing useful insights and strong opinions from their area of expertise, as well as ruthlessly banishing buzzwords to the fintech jailhouse.

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