Borsa Istanbul

Turkey listings advance LSE’s derivatives ambitions

The London Stock Exchange says that the launch of Turkish derivatives on its derivatives market represents part of the long-cherished goal of growing its derivatives business around the world. It also represents the exchange’s ‘open access’ policy.

Orc adds high speed link to Istanbul exchange

Electronic trading specialist Orc has launched a high speed connection to Borsa İstanbul. which brought all the Turkish capital markets exchanges under one roof in 2013. “Turkey is becoming an increasingly attractive market, with a steady rise in trading activity and demand from the region,” said Orc.

London Stock Exchange to begin trading Turkish derivatives

The London Stock Exchange is to begin trading Turkish futures and options, following a deal with Borsa Istanbul. The agreement will help to open up the Turkish market to more investors; it will also help to deepen the LSE’s derivatives market, which it has been trying to build up in recent years.

Don’t underestimate Turkey says HSBC

Most people have no idea how good Turkish wine is, according to Martin Spurling, chief executive of HSBC Turkey. With over 1.5 million acres of land devoted to vines, it is a little-known fact that the Mediterranean country is the world’s fourth producer of grapes. The same can be said for Turkey’s ambitious plans to develop Istanbul as a major international financial centre.

Exchange tie-ups “not worth the air miles they are written with”

The wisdom of emerging market exchange deals was a subject of controversy at the Mondo Visione exchange forum in London on Wednesday, with some participants lambasting such deals as “not worth the air miles they were written on”. Others had a more positive view.

Borsa Istanbul revitalises Turkish capital markets

Created in April 2013, Turkey’s new Borsa Istanbul exchange is at the heart of an ambitious project to turn Istanbul into a major global trading centre. With the country’s economy ascendant, Turkey has a lot to offer, according to Ali Çöplü, chief information officer of Borsa İstanbul.