Volante Technologies

Payments round-up: 22 November 2017

Hot on the heels from Monday’s (20 November) round-up, here are more lively adventures in the paytech space. Featuring Manigo powering up; Volante Technologies and eVision in North Africa; and ACI Worldwide and Payworks getting friendly. Digital money platform Manigo has launched. The firm, which is based in London’s tech hub Level39, says it will […]

BT adds Volante messaging tools to Radianz cloud

Financial network BT Radianz has added Volante Technologies’ tools to the BT Radianz Cloud, in a move the two firms say will improve the reliability of clearing, settlement and payment transaction processing while cutting costs.

Volante launches ‘Babel Fish’ for financial messaging transformation

A ‘Babel Fish’ for financial messaging has been launched by Volante Technologies with the intention of simplifying corporate-to-bank integration and removing obstacles to on-boarding. Like the fictional universal translator from Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy, the system translates incoming message formats into something that the receiver can understand.

ISO 20022: where next?

An question that continues to be asked is will the increased adoption of ISO 20022 facilitate the consolidation of payments clearing utilities and see the introduction of new services for customers? This suggests that despite the fact that ISO 20022 has been around for more than decade, confusion still exists over what it is.