Capital Float

Payments round-up: 23 November 2017

Coming straight after yesterday’s (22 November) summary, we present another brief payments round-up. Features Starling Bank and Yoyo Wallet getting loyal; chatty PayPal and Facebook Messenger; token time with Sequent and Interac; and Wirecard working with Capital Float in India. UK challenger bank Starling has teamed with Yoyo Wallet, a mobile payment and loyalty marketing […]

Fintech funding round-up: 21 August 2017

A short time ago, in a round-up near here (i.e. 18 August) we covered the lively world of fintech funding. Yet again, we have more cash action. Featuring Xinja, Capital Float and Prodigy Finance. Australia-based Xinja, which recently emerged from the shadows to unveil its plans for a mobile-only digital bank, is in the news […]