The future of cross-currency payments

The landscape of cross-currency (FX) payments is taking on a whole new look – creating challenges for corporate financial managers and the need for new banking solutions.

EACHA to deliver ACH interoperability framework for instant payments

The European Automated Clearing House Association (EACHA) is to deliver a framework for ACH interoperability for instant payments by March 2016. EACHA leads, upon invitation by the European Central Bank (ECB), a taskforce consisting of ACHs (including members of EACHA, EBA Clearing and representatives of Target2), national central banks, the ECB, and “ad hoc other […]

Should banks consider domestic payments schemes?

Domestic card schemes have traditionally partnered with MasterCard and/or Visa in an arrangement that leaves the domestic player handling the local transactions and their international partner facilitating and controlling the international business. Should banks work with both or just partner with one of the international schemes?