The future of insurance is collaboration

To the outside observer the insurance industry may look very conservative with dominant global companies and local players operating in the way they have done for years and with very little interaction with their customers. But this is changing.

Co-bots, not robots: the next big step for AI in insurance

Many have proclaimed that 2017 will be “the year of artificial intelligence (AI)”, with a 300% increase in investment in its technologies predicted compared with 2016. Start-ups with AI at the core of their business in particular will be looking to benefit from this surge in investment capital, as they did last year when 550 raised $5 billion in funding.

India Developing Insurance Framework for M-Wallets

Amid India’s recent boom in m-wallet transaction volume following a government discontinuation of two popular currency notes, the government now is considering developing an insurance framework for mobile wallet and electronic transactions. Government officials from the IT Ministry already have begun discussions with m-wallet providers and insurance companies on how to insure money in the wallet apps, according to The Financial Express.

Macif Group in major IT overhaul with NeoXam

Macif Group is revamping its investment administration and accounting tech, and has selected NeoXam to assist with the project. It will help implement the new software and will also host it.