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In your own time

If you think you can dictate timings for the business you are in, think again.

What happens next?

The deal is: you can moan and rant and vent as much as you want. Provided you do something next.

Thinking net-zero

Every bank, fintech, and financial institution should now be looking to prioritise ESG and net-zero initiatives.

Impostor syndrome lite

The world is not divided between those with self-doubt and self-assurance. But if it was, I would pick the doubters any day.

Open banking’s failure

The impact of open banking is on the scale of the industrial revolution. It just needs time to fully play out.

Banking for mental health

For traditional banks, there is clearly more that can be done to help those suffering from mental health issues.

Live now, pay later

I’d love to see the excitement caused by BNPL stretch to areas where lending is desperately needed.

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