Industry Comment

The elephant in the room

We brought an elephant into the office and still some people didn’t notice. But we kept coming back.

Humans are messy things

Allow humans to be human and expect them to do the same for each other. And no, it’s not easy.

The fallacy of compromise

In life, love and business: give it your all, fight, compromise but, whatever you do, know what you are getting into.


A lot of businesses & software projects aim to be Disney princesses but end up as “a bit of a Frankenstein”.

An era of digital trade

Technology creates opportunities to transform existing processes across global supply chains.

Stop running out of cash

With the right approach and clever outsourcing, cash management becomes a success for FIs.

The power of the tribe

In a global village filled with noise and people trying to get a free ride, the tribe is strong, vibrant, unaffected.

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