Blockchain and Bitcoin round-up: 30 November 2017

Coming straight after yesterday’s (29 November) fun and games, here’s another quick summary of the blockchain and Bitcoin action. Features the European Central Bank, Tieto, Coinsilium Group and StartupToken. Well, Bitcoin went past $11,000. And then dropped. As you read this it will have changed again. So, opinions are aplenty. And… banks should speed up […]

Mobey Day Barcelona: disruption, money and forward thinking

This year’s Mobey Day continues with the consistent collaboration between banks, start-ups and fintechs. Focusing on the development of technology during a time of disruption, the biggest players drew attention to leading in future challenges and trends.

Alicia key to Tieto’s AI leadership team

Tieto says it is the first Nordic company to appoint artificial intelligence (AI) to the leadership team of a new data-driven businesses unit. The AI, called Alicia T, will help the management team to become “truly data-driven”; assist with unspecified “innovative ways”; and possess the capacity to cast votes. Ari Järvelä, head of data-driven businesses […]