“Cambrian explosion” of data costs banks dear

The rising volume of market data is comparable to the Cambrian Explosion in which the number of species on Earth dramatically increased around 542 million years ago. Banks will have to adjust to this deluge of data if they are to keep pace with aggressive new competitors.

Investment banks must provide “immediate” service improvement says TABB

As the world’s banks continue to struggle with severe regulatory change, economic turbulence and technological evolution, a new report by analyst firm Tabb Group says that financial institutions will have to provide immediate, friction-free access to content, community and execution, or face extinction.

Brokers need to focus on risk management says Tabb Group

Brokers will need to spend more on risk management over the remainder of 2013 if they are to survive incoming financial regulation and new technologies will be required to make that possible, according to new research by Tabb Group.