CBA and Wells Fargo in “world-first” interbank blockchain trade transaction

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), Wells Fargo and trading firm Brighann Cotton have completed the “first” global trade transaction between two banks using blockchain, smart contracts and the Internet of Things (IoT). The transaction involved a shipment of cotton from Texas to Qingdao, China, using a distributed ledger – Skuchain’s Brackets system – for all […]

“Become an intelligent bank” for the cyber age

In a time when information is king, the battle for data is not so much where to get it as how to get it and what to do with it. For many generation Y savers and spenders, the vast majority of their transactions are carried out online and their relationships with traditional banks are practically non-existent.

Say goodbye to the IT crowd

The whole concept of internal software development within banks and other financial institutions could soon be replaced by small ad hoc teams constructing applications using off-the-shelf apps or downloadable modules, according to Michael Harte, chief information officer at Commonwealth Bank of Australia.