The day I skipped my recital

You won’t get far by not making sacrifices. But you won’t get far by making all the sacrifices either.

Now is not the time

Now is the only time. And every time you say ‘not now’ you make everything that little bit harder for your future self.

I am sorry you feel this way

You can keep your flaccid apologies to yourself. We need you to see the teachable moment. And grab it with both hands.

Liminal spaces

For the sake of your productivity and creativity, take time away from your desk. Do it regularly. Do it with intent.

The future is now

What’s next, you ask? This. This is next. The doing. It takes a while, so it will be what’s next for a while.

Où est la boulangerie?

When you ask me a question, help me pitch my answer at the right level. That’s the point of communication.

Banking for net-zero homes

Banks can make a significant difference to the planet, to their customers, and ultimately to their bottom line.

Who owns the client?

Change the way you book revenue and you’ve transformed the way clients are treated forever.

Caveat emptor

Give praise where it’s deserved. Give it publicly. Give it as often as it’s earned. And don’t add conditions.

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