Can’t touch this

Touchpoints with customers are not a good thing. Stop counting them. Stop wanting them.

The procurement saints

Procurement buddies, those workday saints, have always been what separates a good day from a terrible one.

The art of not dying

Maintaining your tech estate is not an exercise in bravery, but rather an exercise in risk management.

Crabs and KPIs

The majority of organisations fail because they allow folks to see what other teams do as ‘not my problem’. 

Wishful thinking

The job is still about new technology, but it’s not about the ‘if’. It’s about the ‘how’.

Help that helps

Asking for help is a superpower. It’s brave to ask for help. And it’s a braver thing still to accept it.


It’s time to double down or pull the plug on the things you have not doubled down on by now.

More than words

Fintech has become one of those terms that people throw around to mean… whatever…

New Year’s resolutions

We are uniquely placed to influence the application of tech and maturation of regulation. Go out there and do good.

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