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Over the course of the year, FinTech Futures produces a series of reports, providing our readers with a well-researched and comprehensive analysis of the industry’s pertinent topics and specific areas.

You can find all the previously published reports here.

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The explosion of big data has had a profound impact on the development of analytical software and services, which can detect correlations and derive value faster than the human eye can blink.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) continues to be a much discussed topic. But what does it really mean for banking? This report seeks to find out.

  • All About Data

The collation and analysis of data is a key differentiator among financial services firms, but just how ready is the industry?

This report investigates the preparedness of banks and FIs, and seeks to answer exactly what they’re looking for.

  • Customer Experience

The march to digital banking is by no means over. Two years on from the start of the decade, and in the light of the pressure and havoc caused by the pandemic, how is the industry progressing with offering customers new channels?

Banks small and large have had to pivot in reaction to global changes, but has this reflected in the ways they empower their users?

  • The Rise and Rise of Fintech

Fintech has risen from being simple solutions to problems not solved by the banking sector to become its own enourmous banking-adjacent vertical.

This report will explore what it means to be a fintech in the current climate and looking ahead.

  • Lending

We are putting under the spotlight the technological and strategic priorities for leaders and executives in the lending space as we drive into a digital future.

  • Financial Inclusion

The need for diversity and inclusion in the financial services sector continues to be a pertinent topic. Steps have been made, but there is still a long journey ahead.

This report aims to investigate how technology can create a diverse and innovative experience for all customers and their needs.

  • Cybersecurity

As security evolves, so will the bad guys. Financial services is one of the major targets for cybercriminals across the globe. As they become more ambitious, banks must react in kind.

This report looks into the way firms can embed proper security practice into their infrastructure and keep the bad guys at bay.

  • Personalisation

It’s no longer about the product, it’s all about the customer. Banks need to be asking “how can I understand what customers are trying to achieve, and help them achieve it?”.

Investigating three crucial ways that banks can get back into the driving seat when it comes to customer experience and personalisation: understanding, embracing new tech, and realigning with collaboration.

  • Core Banking Systems 

What do banks expect from their core banking solutions today and how the back office software helps to future proof banking operations – we investigate. 

  • The Innovation Game

Who is shaking up the banking and financial services sector today, and how are they doing it? We examine the success metrics and discuss what’s next for the industry.

  • Retail Banking 

The report will examine the latest trends, challenges, and how technology can help retail banks maintain a competitive edge and deliver the service customers want.

  • Commercial and Corporate Banking 

The report will examine the latest trends, challenges, and how technology can help commercial & corporate banks maintain a competitive edge and deliver the service customers want.

  • Payments 

The current state of play in the payments sector, the innovators and the traditional players – who is doing what?

The report delves into what the trends and best practices are, and how to apply the strategies and technologies for the best outcome.

  • Embedded Finance

Embedded finance is hailed as a game-changing opportunity for banks – but what does it mean in practice?

The report will look at the place of banks & financial institutions in the embedded finance ecosystem, how to achieve tangible results and favourable outcomes.

  • Self-Service Banking

Costs, integration, innovative applications, and what to do with physical locations. Also, how to make the newer digital tech work with legacy systems already in place.

We are looking at how to make digital delivery channels work for both bank and customer.

  • The Future of Finance 

The next big things in banking and finance and the role of technology – looking ahead of the curve.



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