Reports Calendar


Over the course of the year, the FinTech Futures editorial team writes a series of reports, providing our readers with a well-researched and comprehensive analysis of the industry’s pertinent topics and specific areas.


January – Digital Identity and Fraud

February – Enterprise Cloud Transformation

April – Digital Asset & Wealth Management

May – Cross Border Payments

June – Core Banking Transformation

October – Customer Experience

November – Risk and Regulatory Compliance


February – Data Analytics Survey Report

The collation and analysis of data is a key differentiator among financial services firms, but just how ready is the industry?

This report investigates the preparedness of banks and FIs, and seeks to answer exactly what they’re looking for.


March – FinTech Futures Industry Survey & Report

There is no doubt that the financial services industry is approaching 2021 with a completely different mindset to one it had in January 2020. The global landscape has changed.

FinTech Futures surveyed the industry to get its input on everything from core banking systems to payments, from blockchain to customer experience.


April – Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The explosion of big data has had a profound impact on the development of analytical software and services, which can detect correlations and derive value faster than the human eye can blink.

Artificial intelligence is the term on everyone’s lips right now. But what does it really mean for banking? This report seeks to find out.

May – Core Banking Systems

The core will always be the heart of banking. As wholesale changes become the norm and the need of banks around the world, what options are available to them right now?

This report will investigate the way core banking systems are being improved, replaced, and innovated.

June – Wealth Management & Asset Management

Asset and wealth management are often thought to have fallen behind the technology curve.

This report will investigate whether this is the case and analyse what technologies could help the industry provide a modern and innovative service to its customers.

July – Digitalisation in Banking

The march to digital banking is by no means over. A year on from the start of the decade, how is the industry progressing?

Banks small and large have had to pivot in reaction to global changes, but has this simply increased the need for a widescale digital change?

August – Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology

Blockchain was once the darling of the industry and feted to revolutionise the way financial services operates. Years on, and with a maturing of the market, where is distributed ledger technology making its impact?

This report will show just where this intriguing technology is applicable, and how it can be integrated into an existing architecture.

September – Biometrics, UI & UX

How users log into their bank accounts and applications is becoming more important. The service they receive during their journeys through a product are paramount.

This report will investigate the ways authentication, biometrics, and user experience are converging to create a holistic service for customers.

October – Financial Inclusion

The need for diversity and inclusion in the financial services sector was highlighted prominently in 2020. Steps have been made, but what more can be done?

This report aims to investigate how technology can create a diverse and innovative experience for all customers and their needs.

November – Cybersecurity

As security evolves, so will the bad guys. Financial services is one of the major targets for cybercriminals across the globe. As they become more ambitious, banks must react in kind.

This report looks into the way firms can embed proper security practice into their infrastructure and keep the bad guys at bay.

December – Fintech Futures Industry Survey 2022

We close out the year with our 2022 survey, looking to wrap up lessons learned and plans for the year ahead.

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NB: The reports’ schedule and topics are subject to change at the editorial discretion.