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Over the course of the year, the FinTech Futures editorial team writes a series of reports, providing our readers with a well-researched and comprehensive analysis of the industry’s pertinent topics and specific areas.


December 2019/January 2020: Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in financial services

While automated processes and the computerisation of trading and order flow have been around for decades, and banks have had long-established frameworks, the explosion of big data has had a profound impact on the development of analytical software which can detect correlations and derive value faster than the human eye can blink.

To discover just how ready the market is for this technology, FinTech Futures surveyed its readers on their investments, hopes, fears, and dreams for the development of innovative analytical technology.


January: Digital Identity & Fraud

  • How users log into their bank accounts and applications is becoming more important. This report will investigate the various technologies for authentication, and how fraudsters are trying to take advantage of shifting technology and cultural practices.
  • The report will cover the major methods of authentication and go through their benefits and flaws. As well as best practice for protecting users against fraud.
  • Readers will gain an in-depth knowledge of emerging security techniques and where they might be applied in the financial industry.


February: Enterprise Cloud Transformation

  • Cloud remains a big topic among financial institutions as a way to speed up systems, processes and services. But while banks may want to switch to the cloud now, what are the dangers and pitfalls of a wide-scale change? How can they make the change?
  • This report will use a survey to gauge the cloud-readiness of the market and use the results to inform a piece on how far along the cloud transformation journey the industry is.
  • Readers will get an insight into the state of the industry, as well as gain knowledge of the methods through which banks and FIs are moving to the cloud.


April: Digital Asset & Wealth Management / Private Banking

  • Asset and wealth management are often thought to have fallen behind the technology curve. This report will investigate whether this is the case and analyse what technologies could help the industry provide a modern and innovative service to its customers.
  • The report will give detailed insight into the technologies that AM and WM firms are using to digitise their services and compete with the experience offered by tech firms.
  • Readers will gain knowledge on the state of the sector, as well as which technologies will be making waves into 2021 and beyond.

May: Cross-Border Payments & Liquidity

  • As the world becomes more globalised, the need to make real-time payments becomes a bigger priority. This report will look into how close the industry is coming to being able to provide real-time or instant payments across international borders, and the challenges facing greater adoption.
  • The report will outline the new and innovative ways firms are bridging the payments gap.
  • Readers will gain knowledge of the technology driving payments forward, as well as the major hurdles the industry faces.

June: Core Banking Transformation

  • Customers demand faster, tailored experiences from their banks. Can banks afford to paper over the cracks showing in their decades-old systems, or should they be looking at a much larger change? This report will investigate the options available and survey the industry.
  • The report will show just how the industry is moving forward with large-scale technological change which could make or break their businesses.
  • Reading the report will give a deep insight into the technological change occurring at the heart of banks.

July: Capital Markets Innovation

  • Regulation has been piled onto the capital markets industry since 2008. This report will look into whether banks should view this pile-on as a problematic compliance exercise or as a way to look at internal technology and revamp things for the future, and what technologies could power this change.
  • The report will deep-dive on the regulations challenging capital markets and the technologies which could be used to adapt to them.
  • Readers will get an inside look into how banks are using technology to overcome regulatory burdens, and what systems and processes they are pinning their hopes on.

August: Front Office Transformation

  • The customer-facing side of banking is become more important as challengers and tech companies lead the way. Banks are looking to provide greater and more innovative services to customers by revamping their front office systems. This report will investigate the means and methods they are using to do so.
  • The report will show just how banks are revamping their customer-facing systems while trying to juggle needs in other areas of their IT structure, and also look at the demands customers have.
  • Readers will find out the demands of the consumer base and the technology and strategy that banks are using to tackle them.

September: Cybersecurity

  • Cybersecurity was identified as a top priority for the CEOs of six major US banks. This report will analyse the threats posed by state sponsored attacks, cybercriminal gangs, scattergun viruses, and phishing techniques, as well as use a survey to indicate the industry’s thoughts on its security preparedness.
  • The report will show the security priorities of banks and FIs, as well as the threats they are facing.
  • Readers will understand what banks are afraid of and how they are moving to tackle cybersecurity, and gain insight into the major threats facing the industry.

October: Lending Technology

  • The penetration of the internet and the adoption of technology is enabling more than more people being able to gain access to lending services. This report will investigate how the sector is no longer the remit of the banks and what disruptive technologies are enabling people to gain access to money
  • The report will show the innovative ways firms are giving people access to money, and how banks are keeping up
  • Reader will gain a broad knowledge of the marketplace, and the technologies driving it forward.

November: Risk & Regulatory Compliance

  • All banks are regulated. It’s an inevitability which has become a problem for some, who feel as if they are drowning in different reporting needs which change on a yearly basis. This report will aim to outline the problems banks are having when it comes to complying with regulation.
  • The report will investigate the unique methods banks are using – new technology, partnerships, downsizing – to meet their compliance requirements.
  • Readers will gain knowledge on the problems banks may be having with reporting, how they are tackling complex regulation, and what they are planning to do going into 2021.

December: Challenger Banks – The State of Play

  • There are more and more challenger banks appearing every year, and not all of them are successful. This report will look at the biggest in the market, and crunch the numbers on launches, funding, mergers, and technology.
  • The report will use FF’s comprehensive challenger bank knowledge to give a deep-dive look at the status of challengers in the marketplace
  • Readers will come away with an understanding of the challenger market and its pitfalls, as well as opportunities.

January/February 2021: FinTech Futures Industry Survey

An industry-wide report, based on the readership survey, expert commentary, and the developments throughout the year, to assess the industry’s take on the prospects and likely future shape of financial services, banking and payments technology sectors across the globe. We’ll be assessing five key trends:

  • The digital landscape
  • Customer experience and personalisation
  • Cybersecurity
  • Back office and core banking transformation
  • Payments innovation and transformation
  • COVID-19 impact and response

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NB: The reports’ schedule and topics are subject to change at the editorial discretion.