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Over the course of the year, FinTech Futures runs a series of webinars, discussing the industry’s hot topics with the experts and providing an unbiased, well-researched commentary and analysis.

All webinars are free to access and are available on our website and the FinTech Futures BrightTalk channel.


February: New year, new decade

Will the new decade bring radical changes to the financial services industry? Will banks become obsolete and fintech/bigtech take over? Or will a new hybrid emerge? What do companies need to do not only to secure their survival but also to prosper? We discuss the mega trends and what to expect from the roaring 20s.

March: All about AI

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and robotic process automation (RPA) solutions for banks are put under the spotlight. We examine real-life applications – in front, middle and back office – and what benefits they have brought.

April: Data in financial services

In the new world of Open Banking, APIs and data sharing, how can data be secured and privacy protected? We examine the risks and opportunities, and who is doing what – including the regulators. How can big data be harnessed and utilised efficiently and safely to improve customer service and decision-making at the financial institutions, and what solutions are on offer to assist with this?

May: The new era of customer hyper-personalisation

Taking personalisation to a whole new level – as we look at the meaningful, impactful ideas, initiatives and software solutions. In the era of fierce competition, how can a financial institution utilise the concept of personalisation to attract and retain customers?

June: Technology for ambitious banks and challengers

We examine the standout tech providers and their offerings, and how they can make a real difference to the business of a financial institution, be it a challenger or an ambitious incumbent. What makes them stand out from the rest?

July: APIs

The wonderful world of APIs is in the spotlight. What are the practical applications and implications, how to balance the compliance requirements and the business case, and what technologies is out there?

August: Insurtech spotlight

What’s hot in the insurtech space, who are the trend setters, the rising stars and the innovators. What technologies are poised to bring about a new era of insurance digitalisation?

September: Here comes Sibos

As it’s the Sibos time of the year, we put under the spotlight the key themes of this industry’s premier annual conference.

October: Back office transformation 

The legacy back-office systems often stand in the way of progress, hampering banks’ digitalisation efforts and consuming large resources for maintenance. How can an organisation cast its legacy tech shackles? What solutions are available, what are the success stories, and what can be learned from the failures?

November: What’s next for payments 

The payments industry is making great strides forward with the help of new technologies, regulation and user demand. We examine the most innovative, interesting and impactful initiatives from across the globe, and highlight the best technologies and solutions.

December: A year in review

Taking stock of the first year of the new decade – the highs and the lows, and the most impactful happenings in the world of fintech. Also, what can we expect from 2021? The most daring predictions for the year ahead.

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NB: The webinar schedule and topics are subject to change at the editorial discretion.