Ripple Labs

Real-time payments

Around the world, banks and central banks are pursuing options for real-time payments. Many countries already have faster payments solutions, and in the U.K. we’ve seen payments volume grow exponentially as it becomes easier to send and receive payments.

The Talented Mr Ripple

Chris Larsen, chief executive of Ripple Labs, talks about his concept of the Internet of Value, and why his company is not a disruptor …

Interview: Patrick Griffin, EVP Business Development, Ripple Labs

At the Recent Payments International conference in London, Patrick Griffin, EVP Business Development at RippleLabs talked to Banking Technology editor David Bannister about the technology and puts paid to some misconceptions about the Ripple protocol.

Value of cryptocurrency transactions ‘to half this year’

The value of all cryptocurrency transactions will more than half this year, falling from $71 billion in 2014 to just over $30 billion. The decline was attributable to the combined impact of exchange collapses, Bitcoin theft and regulatory concerns.