Top 5 Best Challenger Banks: Varo Money

“There’s a reason that the bank of the future hasn’t been created yet—it’s extremely difficult,” says Top 5 Best Challenger Bank Varo Money. See if you think they’ve got what it takes to rise to the challenge.

How Banks Can Attract More Millennials

Take a lesson (and an infographic) from the Ohio University School of Economics on how to approach millennials and turn them into lifelong customers.

An Ant Can Teach A Big Lesson To U.S. FIs

Ant Financial created the world’s largest money market fund in four years by enabling mobile wallet users to move money to the fund simply within the mobile app. The program’s meteoric rise shows that consumers are willing to adopt financial services from new players and the mobile device can supercharge that consumer shift of assets if incumbents don’t react quickly enough.

Mogo’s New Prepaid Product Taps into Growing Canadian Market

Mogo, a Canada-based fintech firm, has launched what it describes as the country’s first prepaid digital spending account managed through a mobile app. The debut of the Mogo Spending Account and the Mogo Platinum Prepaid Visa comes amid robust growth in prepaid transactions in Canada.

Webinar Recap: How to Capitalize on Millennial Paycard Opportunity

More than 5 million U.S. millennials don’t have a checking account, and a third say payroll cards would be a valuable way to receive wages. With their distaste for traditional bank accounts and high level of interest in payroll cards, millennials represent a natural and significant market opportunity.