Payments round-up: 3 August 2017

Take the pain out of paytech with this brief round-up. Features Seven Bank, BDO Unibank, Earthport, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Payconiq and Digicash Payments.

Earthport revenue and payment volume power up

Earthport, a cross-border payments service provider, has reported a massive rise in its number of transactions and payment volume for the six-month period ended 31 December 2016. The number of transactions reached five million, a growth of about 85% over the prior year period. Payment volume increased by 97% to $7.80 billion and revenue per […]

Earthport revenue and payment volume take off

Earthport, a cross-border payments service provider, has revealed its revenues increased 18% to £22.8 million for the full year (FY) 2016 – powered by the rise in payment volume and transaction numbers. For the year ended 30 June 2016, it says payment volume increased to more than $11 billion, a 64% increase prior to the […]

Earthport teams with Aftab Currency Exchange Limited for payments growth

Earthport, a cross-border payments service provider, is partnering with Aftab Currency Exchange Limited (ACEL) for payments growth. ACEL wants to expand its bank-to-bank capability and will initially use Earthport’s capabilities to “strengthen” its EU offering with a view to further expansion globally over the coming months. Aftab Ashraf, founder director, ACEL, says Earthport brings it […]

Earthport and Ria Money Transfer join forces for remittances

Earthport, a UK-based cross-border payment network, and Ria Money Transfer, the world’s third largest money transfer company, have teamed up. Earthport will provide Ria with access to a global payment network. “Through a single, managed relationship with Earthport, Ria will gain access to over 60 domestic clearing schemes,” Earthport states. The solution “enables complete transparency”, […]

Chips off the old blockchain

The distributed ledger is one of the hottest topics in financial services. Born out of the crypto-currency bitcoin, the blockchain concept has gone mainstream and the first area to feel the impact is likely to be payments.

Bank of America goes with Earthport for global low-value payments

Bank of America Merrill Lynch has signed a multi-year agreement with Earthport to “significantly expand Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s low value clearing capabilities globally, and to advance the efficiency of its high volume, low value payments”.

New game, new rules: how banks can re-invent utilities

The world we know is changing. As the famous baseball player Yogi Berra once said, “the future ain’t what it used to be”. In the old future, collaborative sourcing involved banks creating a single provider to deliver ‘the least common multiple’ at a lower/utility cost.

ISO 20022 – A Hero for Our Times

ISO 20022 has been hailed as the lingua franca in payments and securities for some years now. It offers great potential for re-engineering the payments industry, and for process improvement, but for a standard that promises so much it is still relatively unknown.

Making cross-border payments work

As the value of global cross-border payments such as workers’ remittances increases, billions of dollars are being lost to inefficient legacy systems – but that could be about to change, according to Hank Uberoi, executive director at Earthport.

North African first for Earthport as it opens in Morocco

Earthport, the cross-border payments service provider, has launched a fully automated payment service into Morocco. The route is the first low value payment service for the company in North Africa and will allow it to expand its network infrastructure into the region.