Capco: Costs driving financial industry towards utility model

Financial technology consultancy Capco has found that cost pressure will drive the uptake of the utility model in finance. In its latest report, ‘What Makes Utilities Useful,’ it surveyed senior banking executives’ attitudes towards adoption of a utilities-style approach. With responses from 102 financial services professionals across 69 financial institutions in 26 countries, they found […]

An age of enlightenment: the future of conduct risk management

In the wake of the financial crisis, the industry has been hit hard by an almost continuous stream of conduct related issues and fines; including PPI, Libor, and more recently, Forex fixing. With high levels of media and political exposure, the industry has seen its reputation suffer

Banks: get your act together or fail, EBAday conference told

Banks are paying lip-service to the concept of customer service and are years behind on innovation – and unless they literally get their act together by collaboratively embracing open software libraries and sharing applications and data, they will not survive.

Keeping the customer profitable

Separating customer billing from core systems can have dramatic effects on the bottom line – a study by Boston Consulting Group at one bank found that 17% of clients were unprofitable.