Worldpay marks the PoC for VR payments

Researchers at Worldpay are investigating how shoppers can pay using a credit or debit card while remaining within a virtual environment. As part of its real ambitions, the payments firm has created a proof of concept (PoC), with the aim to provide the “same levels of convenience, and security” that shoppers have in-store and online, […]

Worldpay launches IoT hackathon

Global payments provider Worldpay has teamed up with Consult Hyperion, MongoDB and Visa Europe Collab to host its first internet of things (IoT) hackathon in London in September. The event aims to foster innovation and encourage participants to apply technology to integrating payments. Two themes will flow through the 48-hour hackathon – the “Smart City” […]

Worldpay revenue rises, heads down under with Australia licence

Global payments provider Worldpay reported a 10% rise in revenue to £2.1 billion for the six months to the end of June, and is expanding in Australia after winning its licence to process payments. Despite recently suffering two weeks of turmoil, which saw millions of payments affected through one of its gateways, the company’s revenue […]

WorldPay’s world of pain ends

Global payments provider WorldPay says it has put an end to two weeks of turmoil which saw millions of payments affected through one of its gateways. The company had experienced a fretful fortnight which saw many customers unable to receive cash from e-commerce sites (and other non-fintech ones). This led to a boisterous backlash and […]