Startupbootcamp FinTech

Rainmaking Colab kicks up a storm for fintech innovation

Rainmaking Colab is looking to make its new model of innovation reign via a theme-based fintech programme that taps into mature markets. Created by the founders of Rainmaking and Startupbootcamp FinTech, they say “mature fintech markets like New York and London are starting to experience ‘accelerator fatigue’ and require a new way of thinking to […]

Startupbootcamp reveals nine finalists for London programme

Innovation accelerator Startupbootcamp FinTech has announced the nine finalists selected to join its London programme. The firms come from across Europe, America and Asia-Pacific, and are Enterprise Bot – offering an AI-customer relationship tool; EuropeOne – a pan-European mobile bank; Kyolab – providing mobile compliance for regulated institutions; MoBILLity – designed to let customers switch […]