Samsung makes your wedding ring a payments plaything

Samsung, Smartlink and Ingenico have unveiled their “contactless companion platform” (CCP) to let people pay for things using anything they’re wearing — such as a watch or a wedding ring. It has been built with a dual interface smart card chip for multiple applications and form factors. Users tap the wearable on an NFC card […]

SIX Payment Services completes Swiss Post payment terminals upgrade

SIX Payment Services says it has completed the enterprise-wide upgrade of payment terminals of Swiss Post four months ahead of schedule. The new “smart” payment terminals – Ingenico’s iSC250 – are “particularly good” and “among the most innovative ones on the market”, SIX says.

Chinese tourism inspires Ingenico and Alipay payment partnership

Payments provider Ingenico has partnered with Alipay to give Chinese tourists visiting Europe the ability to pay via their Alipay app at any store using the Ingenico solution. With this partnership, Alipay will be imbedded into Ingenico’s in-store payment gateway, which will allow acquirers across Europe to integrate and offer Alipay acceptance to their merchants. […]