Viber brings good vibes to Addiko Bank’s chat banking payments

Austrian banking group Addiko has unveiled chat banking for its customers – the “first ever” Viber-based financial transaction service available in Croatia. Called “Addiko Chat Banking”, it’s a digital banking service that, in partnership with Comtrade Digital Services and communication platform Viber, enables customers to directly communicate with the bank and make payments. Mario Žižek, […]

Banka Kovanica live with new core banking system, ABBA’s NovoDoba

Croatia-based Banka Kovanica d.d. Varazdin has gone live with a new core banking system, NovoDoba, supplied by local developer ABBA. The bank implemented 34 modules of the system, including internet banking, fraud prevention, reporting and customer analysis. The new platform went live in a “big bang”, with the full data migration from the legacy system. […]

Banka Kovanica in core banking system revamp with ABBA

Croatia-based banking software developer, ABBA, has gained a new taker of its flagship core banking system, NovaDoba. This is a local bank, Banka Kovanica d.d. Varaždin. The agreement was signed in early March, “following months of negotiations”, says the vendor. The work on data migration and the implementation of the new solution has already begun. […]