HSBC payments head to take the helm at CHAPS

Tim Fitzpatrick has been appointed as the new chief executive of CHAPS, the UK’s same day high-value payment system. Currently HSBC’s Global Payments and Cash Management chief operating officer and group head of payment services.

BNP Paribas becomes CHAPS’ 22nd direct participant

BNP Paribas has become a direct participant in CHAPS, the UK’s same day high-value electronic payment system, the 22nd bank to join in this role. More are expected to join by the end of 2016. As a direct participant, the bank can directly send and receive irrevocable, guaranteed sterling payments with same day finality, rather than through a third-party.

The man from CHAPS

The UK’s Clearing House Automated Payments System turned 30 earlier this year. It wasn’t an anniversary marked with street parties by a grateful nation, but in its quiet way it was a significant moment, for – in common with the whole payments infrastructure – the system is going through a period of change. Phil Kenworthy, […]

New CHAPS mechanism reduces intraday liquidity demands on members

A new Liquidity Savings Mechanism for CHAPS clearing members is showing significant improvement in liquidity efficiency after its first two months of operation. Members of the CHAPS Clearing Company, the organisation responsible for the operation of the UK’s same-day high-value payment system, began using the new LSM in April. Developed by the Bank of England, […]