Open banking

Banks, are you a passive data donor or a proactive data seeker?

With the arrival of new regulations, there are two main options for banks: they can choose to become either “data donors” or “data seekers”. These two positions imply opposite approaches to the new banking market that is in prospect, and sharply contrasting mentalities.

Ping is king for Open Banking’s UK framework

Open Banking, the implementation entity set up by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), has chosen Ping Identity to provide the identity and access management (IAM) technology to underpin its UK framework. Ping’s IAM solution suite, the Ping Identity Platform, will provide the hub for Open Banking, where all UK banks and financial services […]

Nesta names 20 fintechs fired up for £5m SME innovation fund

UK-based innovation foundation Nesta has revealed the 20 fintech firms who will participate in its Open Up Challenge as it looks for services, apps and tools for SMEs – with a £5 million prize fund on offer. As reported in March, Nesta launched its challenge – open to entries from anywhere in the world that […]

Finxact unleashes Open Core API for sandbox playtime

Core banking software provider Finxact has made its Open Core API available through its sandbox for fun times in innovation. The firm says its API is transparent and granular, enabling banks to have full access to their customer data. Finxact adds that it is the first core banking provider to join the Open API Initiative. […]

UK watchdog reveals rules to fuel open banking

Open Banking, the implementation entity set up by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), has released its accounts and transaction information and payments initiation API specifications. The payments initiation API will enable third parties to set up secure payments on behalf of customers and, once authorised by the customer, submit the payment for processing. […]

Nordea flies higher with open banking pilots

Nordea Bank has pressed the accelerator on its open banking ambitions with the launch of pilots. As reported in March, the bank released the first version of its open banking portal targeted towards external developers, as it gets ready for the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) requirements. At the time, it invited developers to sign […]

Danske Bank launches open banking beta

Copenhagen-based Danske Bank has unveiled its beta open banking service as it joins the fray for API-powered innovation. The bank says open banking is set to be the “most seismic shift in financial services since online banking” and it wants to tap into this market. Danske is looking to push on from its own banking […]

UK watchdog pushes hard on open banking plan

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is ramping up its efforts for open banking within the nation’s retail banking scene. As reported in February, the CMA published its 766-page final report on the retail banking market and its open banking goals. At that time, it said it will offer overdraft users the opportunity to […]

Bank to the future: five ways financial apps are changing banking

Less than half a year from now, PSD2 will revolutionise consumers’ access to their own financial information. In fintech hubs across Europe, bright young people are planning a consumer revolution. Their financial apps and tools are helping customers manage their money far more easily than they have before. Here are five important ways in which they are changing the face of banking.

PSD2 meets ISO 20022

How will service providers and banks implement ISO 20022 in the APIs being created for PSD2?

Mizuho goes open banking on IBM cloud

Mizuho Bank has opted for a suite of IBM services to power its open banking ambitions in Japan. The bank will use IBM’s FinTech API solution, API Connect on the IBM Cloud and IBM DataPower Gateway. The shift to API banking is a common theme for many in fintech at present. According to IBM, the […]

BBVA launches open banking business

BBVA has unveiled its open banking programme and is making eight of its APIs commercially available for the first time. The launch of BBVA API Market comes after the Spanish bank says it spent more than a year working with developers and businesses to prepare the way the open API service would be delivered. With […]

Saxo Bank releases new developer portal for open banking

Denmark’s Saxo Bank has released its new developer portal as it looks to strengthen its involvement in open banking. The portal provides technical documentation, reference guides, sample code and interactive tools. With the release, Saxo has made its trading infrastructure available to third-party developers, fintechs, vendors and partners, enabling them to connect to its trading […]

Equifax forms new alliance to develop open banking products

Equifax, credit information provider Castlight and Oakbrook Finance, the owners of consumer loan brand Likely Loans, have teamed up to develop new products for the 2018 open banking initiative. Under open banking, Equifax says bank transaction data will play a crucial role in lending decisions. Lenders will have access to real-time and historic account and […]